Lexapro or Prozac? Which Anti-Depressant is Right For Me?

Mental Health - Anxiety and Depression

Scouring the world of anti-depressants is difficult and daunting, because you never know how you’re going to react to these medicines, and most of us might be a little disappointed that we even need anything at all. You might be in one of the most trying times of your life and just want something to […]


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Discovering Your Hidden Pockets of Fear

I like to write about fear because so many of us are riddled with it in a myriad of different ways. Often we just push it aside or barely are aware that it’s there, lurking behind our actions. Here’s a quote I received in my email inbox from a newsletter recently that falls in this subject:

“Thinking about interior peace destroys interior peace. The patient who constantly feels his pulse is not getting any better.” — Hubert van Zeller

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