Changes to Balancing Your Health

Changes to Balancing Your Health

If you have visited the site lately, you might notice that it looks a little different. You might have seen images missing or a site that looked completely different. Well, Balancing Your Health is in a transition period of not just being a blog site but I am getting ready to be able to offer other things as well, such as health coaching/consultations, fitness training and more. It will be a few months before you might start seeing anything resembling health and fitness packages, but I will be working on the design and a name change, and after much deliberation I decided the new name will be “a life in balance”.

I’ve always loved the idea of using my graphic and web design skills to create interesting and fun tools for people to use to help them become healthier. Over the next while I will be focusing on different ways I can do this that I can also add to my health and fitness training packages.

I’ve also been going over what type of content I want to continue posting to the blog. I myself am subscribed to a number of health/fitness sites, and there is a lot of information out there. I have been thinking about if I want to narrow the type of content that I am posting to more heavily research-based articles rather than a whole variety of articles like I am doing now.

To fit in the other elements of the site I will also be re-structuring the site to make it easier to find what you want to find.

It will be a long and steady transition but I know that it will be an awesome product in the end. I hope you continue to follow the blog and stay tuned for some exciting changes down the road!


Know Your Food: Eating Close to the Earth

Know Your Food: Eating Close to the Earth

03D18326Know Your Food
Eating Close to the Earth
by Madisyn Taylor

“The food we eat is a multidimensional aspect of our lives. Food provides us with the energy that enables us to grow and prosper. Yet it can be, and frequently is, much, much more. Our food can be an experience in and of itself if we allow it to be. The dishes we remember from childhood offer unmatched comfort. The act of preparing meals can be an art form of the highest caliber. And the nourishment we derive from this fare promotes wellness within us. But many of us, distracted by daily affairs, forget that the profound pleasures of eating go beyond simple sustenance. We eat foods that are convenient or we eat unconsciously, snacking on whatever happens to be on hand. To understand the true value of food and the impact it can have on our lives, we should acknowledge and honor it by eating close to the earth.

If you have ever shelled and eaten garden-grown peas or bitten into a sun-warmed apple freshly plucked from its tree, you likely understand that there is a marked difference between these foods and those that are processed and stacked on supermarket shelves. Food recently picked contains more of its original life force and thus has a greater store of energy and nutrients. You can ensure you are eating close to the earth—and enjoying the many benefits of doing so—by shopping at a local farmers market and getting to know the individuals who grow your food. If you make the experience of shopping in this way enjoyable, you will be more apt to reject more convenient canned, packaged, and frozen foods in favor of the real delight you feel while browsing stalls of fresh foods nourished by the same soil you can find in your own backyard.”

Source: DailyOM Newsletter

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