The Will to Change

The Will to Change

“Participants in my trainings sometimes ask, ‘I know what I need to do, but where do I find the discipline? How do I motivate myself?’ When people ask me how to do something, I remind them that they already know how; they are really asking, ‘What’s the easy way?’

On planet Earth, ‘easy’ is hard to find. Any accomplishment requires effort, courage and will; some goals involve more difficulty, others less. If we really go for what we want; we encounter one kind of difficulty; if we give up, we confront another kind. Either way, life is difficult.

Positive change of any kind requires that we climb higher, expand our awareness, focus, pay attention, and invest time and energy. Those of us who master change, or at least accept it, recognize the cold, clear realities. Those who haven’t yet accepted how the world works still look for the way way out, that magic formula that produces something for nothing.”

-Dan Millman, No Ordinary Moments

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