Ayurveda Treatment for Hemorrhoids

Ayurveda Treatment for Hemorrhoids

03B82531Beet root is a superb treatment for hemorrhoids. It causes the liver to manufacture bile, and promotes liver blood circulation, lowering blood pressure in the portal vein, the site of the hemorrhoid (actually a varicose vein in the rectum).

Milder carrot will work, a bit more slowly. Eat several servings of beet root or beet greens per day, or a monodiet of these foods, until the problem diminishes. Continue until you get complete relief.

Treat hemorrhoids with turmeric. Swallow up to 4 tbsp. per day of the bulk powder until the pain is gone.

As an astringent, apply it topically as a paste to shrink the hemorrhoids.

Source: The Way of Ayurvedic Herbs by Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa & Michael Tierra, WebMD

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