Your Diet and Expanding Awareness

A change we can make today in our dietary lifestyle!

“As we clear old, stressful beliefs and repressed emotional issues, and begin opening up to a sense of our interconnectedness with the world and other people, our diet naturally starts to change. And as our diet changes, other areas of our life also begin to expand. Our diet and our state of consciousness constantly interact. Thus, any improvement we make in our diet, no matter how small, represents a very real form of spiritual progress.

By mentally assessing our current diet, we can select one small change we can begin to make today in our dietary lifestyle. Since the greatest overall dietary problem in America involves eating too much of what we don’t need and not enough of what we do need, a good next step might involve choosing one food to eat less often, and another food to eat more often.”

-From the book No Ordinary Moments by Dan Millman
page 124

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