Not All Toothpastes are Equal: Do Your Research!

Not All Toothpastes are Equal: Do Your Research!

Dollarphotoclub_59118764_webFor as long as I can remember, I’ve always had troublesome teeth. This started when I had braces as a kid for about four or more years and simultaneously didn’t take as good of care of them as I should have (which actually isn’t too uncommon). The problem was, my teeth (or bacterial makeup of my mouth, or however you may want to put it) was not equipped to handle somewhat infrequent brushing. I was not that person that could skimp out on brushing my teeth as much as I should have and not have problems.

Well the other day I was looking on Amazon at toothpastes, and I found a great and informative review (click to check it out) on Amazon with info everybody should know regarding GlaxoSmithKline (a pharmaceutical company) and them buying out Novamin, which was an ingredient you could find in some toothpastes that was absolutely fantastic and helped remineralize your teeth. I used to use Dr. Collins Restore toothpaste which contained Novamin before they discontinued that version, and it was by far the best toothpaste I had ever used by that point in terms of actually helping my dental health.

After that toothpaste there was no way I was going back to something lesser, so I tried to find an equivalent, only ending up buying the UK’s version of Sensodyne Repair & Protect with NovaMin in it from the UK’s Amazon site.

If you really care about your dental health, don’t use the not-so-great (I’m being polite here) grocery store-bought toothpastes. Many people my age (I’m 31) haven’t yet had to suffer too many teeth issues like I have, which in return has forced me to do craploads of research, talk to different dentists, etc. to find what could really help turn my dental health around – aside from the obvious.

What has actually helped is toothpaste containing essential oils (thieves dentarome ultra toothpaste for example), ctx4 toothpaste (can buy on Amazon here), ctx4 treatment rinse (AMAZING and also available on Amazon), Squigle “Tooth builder” toothpaste, which uses xylitol. ctx4 products aim to neutralize the pH of your saliva – which will help promote healthy bacterial growth. Many of these toothpastes also don’t contain harsh or potentially health-threatening ingredients like triclosan (a pesticide), DEA (can disrupt hormones), etc.

More than studying the different ingredients though, the actual experience of the difference in my dental health by using some of the mentioned toothpastes vs others like crest is noteworthy – and is what causes me to invest in these less well-known toothpastes regardless of them being higher in price. It’s worth it and might just save you lots of grief (and money) down the road!

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