Some Reflections: Not Taking Time for Granted 

 October 16, 2021

By  Liz B

I am very appreciative of everything and everyone in my life, but I noticed that if there is one thing I ESPECIALLY never take for granted, it is time.

I was watching Dr. K’s Twitch stream (@healthygamer_gg) — he is a Harvard-trained psychiatrist and an amazing human, and he was talking a lot about what motivation is exactly and how this ties into goals. He mentioned that contrary to what most would think due to how much he has achieved in life, he doesn’t have any long-term goals. He gets up and thinks about what he needs to do that day.

This is what I do. I realized that I live day-to-day; and while I have things I’d like to happen in the future, it’s not what dominates my thinking.

Time is incredibly precious and we are never guaranteed the amount of time we think we might have.

I am always aiming to fit so much into my day. And they are not necessarily big things all the time, but the little details of things I don’t want to put off or miss.

It could be fitting in my language lesson, writing a new blog post, spending time with my friends (even playing games with them — they always give me crap that I haven’t played games hardly ever lately). Juicing, prepping good, healthy food, visiting my family, cleaning, working on 1 of the 20 unfinished projects I have, taking my dog to the dog park — the list goes on. Working leaves not as much room to fit all this stuff in, but lately, I go to bed satisfied knowing I tried my best.

Every single day I am grasping for more time. And most people would think that the amount of drive I have is because I’m working towards something very specific, but I’m not in particular. To put it simply, I know I truly appreciate life and my relationships.

Lately, I’ve also felt that as a healthy, very responsible adult in a time of my life where I have my head on very straight, the world needs me. There is always somebody out there that’s lonely or suffering and can use my help, even if it’s something small. I have been doing animal care on the side, which has only amplified that feeling. It’s not a hard job, but the value you bring to somebody’s life by being a trustworthy, responsible human is not to be underestimated.

You can watch Dr. K’s twitch stream by going to https://www.twitch.tv/healthygamer_gg.

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I am a certified personal trainer and psychology/counseling student, as well as a web/graphic designer. I am based in the US, but travel a lot. I love video games, learning languages, helping others, and I need a separate life for every interest I have. Don't hesitate to get in touch!

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