The way my blog at Life in Balance started was all by wanting to inspire people to eat healthier and to learn to really appreciate food.

This passion didn’t come out of nowhere — I had my own journey and realizations through learning to become healthier, and I began to feel like I might be able to help others as a result, because there is a lot that goes into it.

One of my ideas was to create fun characters accompanied by health facts that have a specific story behind them. That way when people were learning about health facts, it would be in a much more fun, unique way and would help the information stick in their minds as well.

One of my projects born from this concept was my “Revenge of the Bananas” t-shirt.

At first this t-shirt had a simple front and an elaborate back which had a whole ton of nutrition information about bananas, what they were made of, and different ways to use bananas.

I ended up simplifying it from there to be more simple on both the front and back so that the design wouldn’t looks so busy.

Commander Banana Shirt

Basically, with this shirt you can now represent the glorious Team Banana who’s on a mission to take the world over with forces of good health in order to banish the addiction to sugar which spreads like wildfire! By wearing this shirt you’ll reinforce your own well of willpower to stay strong against the temptations of the opposing ever-so-addicting dark forces of sugar and its equally as addicting allies.

Snag your own on Teespring here, or on Amazon here.

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