The Importance of Attentive Breathing 

 January 14, 2014

By  Liz B

02F19204Perhaps the shortest simplest advice anyone could give for energy and health is: Remember to breathe and relax.

(1) If you are sitting down right now, please stand up, stretch for a moment, and then sit back down. Please do this now. And only AFTER you have done so, continue reading.

(2) Consider: As you were standing up, rising to your feet — were you breathing? Or were you momentarily suspending (holding) your breath? (Most likely you were holding your breath as you rose). And how about when you were sitting down? Are you aware whether you were breathing, or holding the breath?

(3) Please stand up, then sit down, again. But this time:

  • Inhale your way up to your feet. 
  • Exhale your way back down to a sitting position. 
  • Do this for the rest of your life — and pay more and more attention to your breathing in the midst of everyday life.

Nearly everyone holds their breath at numerous times during the day — when pouring a liquid into a glass, posing for a photo, getting up out of a chair, or sitting down to the table, and many, many other occasions. So by remembering to breathe in a rhythmic, relaxed manner is key to energizing your body.

Walking and Rhythmic Breathing — Nature’s Best Exercise: Walking is one of nature’s best exercises and has myriad benefits. It is low impact, you can do it everyday for your entire life, and you already have all the skills and equipment needed. As George Trevelyan once said,”I have two doctors — my left leg and my right leg.”

Source: Excerpt from the online course: Master the Path of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman. Available at


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