What is Dying Like? Responses from Those Who Have Had Near Death Experiences 

 March 28, 2016

By  Liz B

I’m part of a large Facebook group that was formed on the topic of near death experiences (NDEs). I joined it because I find the insights of those who have experienced an NDE fascinating, along with NDEs themselves.

There have been many spiritual experiences and realizations I have personally had that came naturally to me without any outside influence, and allowed me to fully understand and accept the NDE experience. If I hadn’t had these experiences in my life, I might be more apt to take a more logical approach and attribute NDEs simply to the brain dying. I have come to learn through my own experiences that there’s truly more to them than that. But even if there weren’t, the insights that come as a result are incredibly life-changing.

In the Facebook group, someone asked a question aimed at those who have had an NDE:

Can anyone explain in words what being dead is like?

Here were some of the responses (each one from a different person):

  • “Its like being more alive than you’ve ever felt. Here is death by comparison.”
  • “Freedom from pain. New perspective. No, I can’t explain it in words.”
  • “The most alive I have ever been.”
  • it felt like the purest love I have ever felt!
  • No fear, No apprehension, No regrets are the feelings I had. They were gone instantly.
  • A happiness I never felt in my waking life … pure love ..
  • “Like being in love multiplied by a billion.”
  • “It felt like I was just there only moments ago.”
  • Best most wonderful thing that ever happened to me. Beyond words. Pure love. Peace joy acceptence. Beauty. One with all. Home!
  • complete freedom and peace, it’s like you forget how to be sad or worry.
  • “Holding and looking at your new born baby”
  • “Clear, light, unbounded…Love is the glue which holds it all together.”
  • “It only needs one word, ‘peaceful’”
  • Only your human body dies. You have been in countless other bodies before.
  • “It was like swimming in an ocean of love at the perfect temperature.”
  • “Bliss. Imagine the most perfect feeling you can ever have.”
  • “Liberating, astonishing, enlightening, humbling…it’s something to actually Live Up To while we are still granted Life….there are so many blessings contained IN it. :)”
  • “Best most wonderful thing that ever happened to me. Beyond words. Pure love. Peace joy acceptence. Beauty. One with all. Home!”
  • “Completely wrapped in unconditional love. Instantly having all knowledge and understanding.”
  • “Not dead……ALIVE AND GOING HOME!!!”
  • “There really are no earthly words to describe the incredible sense of love and peace that engulfs you”
  • “Pure freedom. Pure knowledge, pure understanding I felt more alive doing my NDE than I do now”
  • Pure love and undescribable happiness”
  • “It’s a continuation of this life without the evil, or temptations, and negativity.” -Steven J. Orme

Most of all, near death experiences teach us that death is absolutely not to fear and in itself is something that we can learn from that allow us to put our lives in perspective, learn more about ourselves and ultimately learn how to live life here on Earth better.

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