Human Purpose and Its Relevance to an Afterlife: Just Some Thoughts….

Human Purpose and Its Relevance to an Afterlife: Just Some Thoughts….

At times I question everything — I question everything I’ve understood to be real, all beliefs I’ve currently held based on personal experience here on Earth. Doing that ends up giving me a sense of groundlessness, a sense of not having any bearings here or understanding the purpose. Truly loosening the ideas we hold firmly about ourselves and our experience here begins to loosen the sense of self.

I have an understanding that the universe (and all that exists) contains some laws on a scale that we currently can’t comprehend.

I also have a belief that we are here on Earth as humans to experience and “gather data” (i.e. knowledge), so to speak, that we potentially couldn’t in other realms or forms. This is what I understand to be a general purpose of human life on a larger scale (aside from reproduction, of course).

I believe that upon death, our human form and ego is destroyed, but our energy is not destroyed and can exist in other ways, whatever those ways might be.

These premises lead me to question this: Say that we are here on Earth to experience things and gather knowledge that has some relevance to the after life or other form of existence, and does so only within a limited set of parameters (because life on Earth is limited to Earthly laws). For example, value judgments that only essentially apply to our being able to operate here, limited thought processes (we can only grasp so much), limited sense of time, and so on. What relevance then does gathering knowledge here on Earth have if in a nonphysical realm/after death, the laws of the universe and of our own beings as we know them are infinitely expanded upon, thus adding context and perhaps rendering the laws as we know them only valid for existing on Earth as a human?

It’s like a math problem with a specific set of limited parameters, and that math problem then changes once more data is added to the context. So then the original problem is either no longer a problem or the nature of it changes. Maybe that’s too linear of a way of thinking of it.

But perhaps there is no purpose of our lives aside from gathering data in one of the universe’s many realms and set of parameters. But then what would be the purpose of gathering knowledge? Is there an end goal?

Is it primarily a human thing to want to apply a purpose to something?

Can we even begin to comprehend the purpose of our existence at all when we can only evaluate our selves and our lives from our Earthly form and its laws/attributes?

Sense of Purpose as Continual Increase in Knowledge and Self-Awareness

My current understanding of human purpose was to continually refine our own relation to the universe. In other words, our experiences here on Earth lead an increase in self-awareness, to then hopefully continually raise in consciousness levels and at some point be able to exist primarily in a “higher” form. But, I am realizing that this may just be a very individualized ego-centric (not egotistical, but rather operating solely from within the frame of the individual sense of self) type of evaluation of existence. It may be that we ARE the universe already, just existing as a human within relatively limited parameters.

There may not be any universal, big-picture sense of progression that exists objectively outside of the meaning that we assign to our Earthly lives.

Our true form is existence and part of the universe itself. We are not separate from it now, regardless of our state of self-awareness. However, the more self-aware we are, the more profound and dense our Earthly experiences will be.

Letting Intuition Guide Purpose

I realize that this is my rational mind trying to interpret existence. I think the means to which we can truly understand existence at this point in time is not so much through interpretation and deduction, but intuition.

I always return back to the idea of letting go and letting intuition guide us, but it can be very difficult for the ego and rational mind to not want to assign interpretations to things our intuition might be telling us or our experiences here in general. It may just be that this yearning and craving for answers that may once again be uniquely human and have little relevance later.

All we truly can do is simply live the best way we know how, and not be too impatient for answers.

Manifesting Massiveness Within You

Manifesting Massiveness Within You

Just some thoughts for today…I was driving home from the office tonight and it was beginning to get dark. I pulled in the driveway of my house and sat in my car as I often do, just looking at the stars and the evening sky. It was so beautiful, and it shows us just by being itself how massive, intricate, and wondrous our world is; it shows us how minute and fleeting what us humans on earth do, what we fill our lives with. More and more as I allow myself time for contemplation or even just stopping to look around at the earth’s natural beauty, the more I see the potential in our own minds to take us outside of the trivialities that it is often times consumed with. Our own minds, when completely open and less dominated by ego, can mirror the universe’s massiveness.

But it does often require meditation in order for us to channel our efforts into something other than our own thoughts/perceptions/interpretations. The more that I’ve allowed myself to take in my surroundings and contemplate the earth and universe, the more I learn about myself and the deeper I prod into my own potential.

I’ve also realized that emotions can be the key to exploring your own intuition and perceptions and gaining insight into them. It’s necessary to allow them to exist fully and let them play their course. Listen to them, think about why they may be existing in that moment. I didn’t consciously realize their importance in this way until recently; and part of this is due to being able to experience the difference from having muted emotions on anti-depressants to having them back in full force. It’s too bad that so many people have negative experiences or ideas attached to embracing or especially showing their emotion.

Most of us have incredibly busy lives full of ambition and activity, and as a result our minds are always busy with the activity of our daily lives. Setting some time aside each day to contemplate our surroundings and our life can begin changing things drastically, just by allowing yourself to come to terms with what’s going on in your life and also putting some time into thinking about these things against the backdrop of the massiveness of our universe.

It may take some people a long time to allow the power that their thoughts hold over them to slowly lose grip, and they may not feel anything at first when meditating except for maybe some relaxation. But those who can look up at the sky or wilderness and see the beauty and mystery around us and how small we are in comparison, can start embracing and manifesting more of a massiveness within themselves. I can promise you that therein lies another world beyond what you can imagine, waiting to be explored and used to its full potential.

“To understand the immeasurable, the mind must be extraordinarily quiet, still.”
― Jiddu Krishnamurti

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