“I was pleased with the amount of space I was given to speak what I thought was important. I was also very pleased with the observations that Liz made and how she presented them back to me. I feel like she put together a lot of pieces of subtext that I was leaving out for time sake and she presented those observations to me. That made me really comfortable in continuing sessions with Liz because she demonstrated that she was an active listener and could keep up with everything that I was saying while being able to connect the dots. Very content with the follow up message about what you would like to cover for next week because I personally find all of those things very important and I would also like to talk about them. I feel grateful that you recognized the importance of that 35 minute very summed up explanation of how I got to where I am. Cheers”

“These session have been incredibly helpful. I’m finally learning to love the parts of me that I didn’t like before. It feels great to have someone understand me and to reverse the negative self talk that I had about myself. My emotions feel validated but at the same time, I am not letting it excuse me from responsibility.”

“I like we connected back to the things that I talked about last time. Everything is starting to make alot more sense now and that understanding and awareness is helping me be more mindful of my actions.”

“Thank you for giving me time to speak about what I’m going through, I felt very welcomed by you and the group and I think this is a great start to working through the issues that I brought up. I’m really looking forward to the next session!”

“Thank you for being nonjudgemental, for helping me to vocalize my thoughts and for the nice background with your pets sleeping on the bed

“She listened a lot and tried to validate me while i was trying to understand my feelings, and she managed to help me clear things up a bit. Also even though i was confused about what i was feeling and thinking i appreciated that she reassured me and in fact appreciated that i was communicating a lot.”

“She did a good job in going deeper on the topics i mentioned the last session and talk about what she wants to do for the next sessions to work on them. Also I had prepared a long list on things that i had a hard time dealing with or bothered me and she did a great job especially in finding the ones that are either new or more important to work on and i agreed with her.”

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