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Ayurveda — The Science of Life

Ayurveda is the holistic healing system of India, and is likely one of the oldest continuing healing systems on Earth. It is a huge collection of interrelated practices that oversee literally every aspect of person’s health and lifestyle.

I wanted to dedicate a section of this website to exploring Ayurveda, as I believe there is much we can take away from its perspectives on the body, mind and healing.

In India there are practitioners of Ayurveda that have knowledge of healing that has been passed down from many generations, on top of what they have practiced in schools and read in books. I tend to believe that true Ayurveda practitioners with this passed down knowledge are rare, but much can be learned from them.

“Ancient Ayurvedic scholars were wanderers and traveled widely, sharing their knowledge of health and medicine. After Ayurvedic medicine was well developed in India, these scholars and practitioners traveled to gain and share knowledge – up over the Himalayas to Mongolia, China and Tibet, then down through Japan and Southeast Asia. Eventually they, or their ideas, got to Southern Europe.

Although historians debate the dates surrounding Ayurveda, some authorities maintain that there is evidence for written records going back 5,000 years for Ayurveda and an oral tradition going back for thousands of years previous. Ayurveda offers the layperson a framework for understanding the body and how to best support its quest for balance.”


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