Learning to Pursue Joy: Trust Yourself

Happiness is the Path Buddha

The older I get, the more I truly learn how to follow my heart. But following your heart a lot of the time is not easy. Reason being, is there is so much that gets in our way. At age 32, I’ve awakened more and more to the realization that I am often programmed to […]


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What is Dying Like? Responses from Those Who Have Had Near Death Experiences

I’m part of a large Facebook group that was formed on the topic of near death experiences (NDEs). I joined it because I find the insights of those who have experienced an NDE fascinating, along with NDEs themselves. There have been many spiritual experiences and realizations I have personally had that came naturally to me […]

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My First Spiritual Experience (in 2002): You Are Limitless

The other night I was on the phone with my mom, and she recalled a spiritual experience I had in 2005. She said, “tell me what you saw again exactly? And, how did you even get there to begin with?” She had been coming across more and more accounts of people from all different backgrounds and life experiences that were experiencing these remarkable things in regards to evolution of their mind and consciousness.

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